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International DESK
Protection and Enforcement strategies for Asian, North American and European markets - pre-litigation, litigation, arbitration, before administrations, civil courts, and customs - Negociation with asian parties -  drafting of agreements

“When you work for others, do it with the same passion as you would for yourself”


BRINGER IP supports you to develop specific strategies tailored to European, North American and Asian markets.


This expertise is based on the profiles and experience of each team member, the vast majority of whom have long-term international experience (China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Belgium, etc.).

This allows the firm to rely on an international network of dedicated partners that we know personally and with whom we have long-standing relationships, guaranteeing quality and responsiveness for all our actions.

All of the firm's attorneys and paralegals collectively master 6 different languages: French, English, German, Dutch, Polish, Mandarin.

Each team member has passed on to the firm his passion, his expertise and his address book to enable us to act quickly on all international markets for all types of actions (raids, infringement actions, cross-border negotiations, etc.).

Today, the firm offers unique solutions to serenely approach these different markets, particularly in Asia and North America. We assist innovative companies, both in defining and implementing protection strategies adapted to these specific markets, and in initiating actions before the various administrations, judicial authorities, and competent customs authorities.

We also assist Asian, Australian and North American companies on the European market.

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